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What can we do for Academics & Multilateral organisations?

Our data has been utilised by many leading academics as well as a large number of multilateral organisations

Identify emerging trends and analyse historic/current trends

Analyse the latest crossborder investment trends by source, destination, sector, activity and much more. With over 15 years of data for comparison purposes, with up-to-date information added each month.

Support your research, literature and white papers

Access credible, in depth greenfield FDI data, to help complement your research and analysis on globalisation, from a trusted independent source.

Understand a company's crossborder investment strategy

Generate detailed company reports to understand a company's crossborder investment strategy: where they have invested to date; the types of projects they have invested in and any future expansion plans they may have.

Examine motives driving crossborder investment

Understanding the key motives driving investment decisions, based on actual data from investors.

Save time and money

Instant access to the most comprehensive and up-to-date database of greenfield FDI projects in the world, saving your team time and money on independent research.

Explore how fDi Insights features make business decisions easy


Global crossborder investment data

fDi Insights is powered by fDi Markets. The most comprehensive online database of crossborder greenfield investments available, covering all countries and sectors worldwide.

How we get our data

We have data collected on:
  • 199 countries with over 240,000 projects listed
  • 37 sectors and 250 sub sectors
  • Over 110,000 companies
Global crossborder investment data

Dynamic Data Filtering

Extensive filtering options

Customise reports based on your specific criteria using a number of available filters. Looking for a report on FDI projects into Israel manufacturing between 2006-2021? fDi Insights can help with this type of query and others.

Search & Filter by
  • Country, region & city
  • Industry, sub sector & tags
  • Company with full breakdowns
  • Date range & other tertiary filters
  • Select number of projects required
Extensive filtering options


Detailed, easy to use, cost effective reports

Our reports are not only a list of tables and percentages, we deliver global world class data in the most user friendly format possible. Our comprehensive reports include executive summaries, and breakdowns in vital areas such as key trends, companies, industry analysis, source countries and much more.

Available reports
  • Trends report
  • Company report
  • Project download
  • Company download
  • Bespoke reporting options
Detailed, easy to use, cost effective reports

Why FDI Insights

Empowering research, investors and bodies attracting FDI worldwide

We have delivered 20,000 reports in over 90 countries around the world, and counting.

How it works

Empowering research, investors and bodies attracting FDI worldwide

Created by the Financial Times

Backed by the most trusted financial organisation in the world.

We serve data to a wide range of audiences, including education.

Empowering entities associated with crossborder investment worldwide

Experts in FDI since 2001

We have provided over 20 years of FDI insight driving global investments.

Get Reports

Access industry-leading FDI data, instantly.

Make informed global investment decisions and identify trends using our industry-leading FDI data through easy to digest downloadable reports.

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