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Tanger Med’s rise as a nearshoring hub PDF

fDi Intelligence Released October 19, 2023

Tanger Med stands at a crossroad between Europe and Africa. Having become a key global player in a relatively short space of time, the Moroccan port and industrial complex has emerged as a strong option for multinationals looking for nearshoring opportunities. In this report we explore how the activities in Tanger Med have helped to industrialise the region. Supported by Tanger Med.

The Switch Report 2022 PDF

fDi Intelligence Released June 10, 2022

The Switch Report 2022 investigates the ongoing investment switch to renewables from fossil fuels. The report breaks down the switch by geographies and technologies, and also explores its geopolitical implications as the generation of renewable energy breaks the typical imports/exports paradigm of fossil fuels. Knowledge partner: The Enel Foundation.

Challenging perceptions: Brazil makes a comeback PDF

fDi Intelligence Released June 10, 2022

Brazil is the largest economy in Latin America and has traditionally been a popular destination for international companies looking to expand their footprint in the region. Not without hiccups, the country has emerged from the pandemic with a reformed labour market and a renewed focus on privatisation and its diverse energy market. In association with Apex-Brasil. Writing and editing were carried out independently by fDi Intelligence.

Turkey’s innovation spin PDF

fDi Intelligence Released December 13, 2021

The country eyes tech-based investment to upgrade its economy.

Georgia pushes its boundaries PDF

fDi Intelligence Released June 21, 2021

The country is positioning itself as the next global trade hub.

Vilnius bolsters its biotech credentials PDF

fDi Intelligence Released April 19, 2021

Lithuania’s life sciences sector has been picking up speed

Made in Portugal 2.0 PDF

fDi Intelligence Released March 03, 2021

Portugal's unique blend of innovation and tradition has given its industries an edge they are now taking to the global markets, Danielle Myles reports.

Tanger Med: A gateway between two continents PDF

fDi Intelligence Released December 23, 2020

Insights into Northern Morocco's highly successful Tanger Med Zones.

Alabama's manufacturing prowess PDF

fDi Intelligence Released July 01, 2020

Automotive and aerospace charges up the southeastern US state. Originally published in the June/July edition of fDi Magazine. Costs of this report were underwritten by Alabama Power and Made in Alabama. Reporting and editing were carried out independently by fDi Magazine.

Portugal shows resilience PDF

fDi Intelligence Released June 23, 2020

Business continuity prioritised amid Covid-19. Originally published in the June/July edition of fDi Magazine. Costs of this report were underwritten by AICEP Portugal Global. Reporting and editing were carried out independently by fDi Magazine.

City FDI Performance Index PDF

fDi Intelligence Released June 16, 2020

The index offers a range of datapoints in terms of FDI City performance including projects, capex and jobs as well as looking at year on year performance variances.

Innovations in Foreign Direct Investment Attraction PDF

fDi Intelligence Released November 15, 2018

Attracting FDI is an important pillar of economic development policy, and most countries in the world have established national investment promotion agencies (IPAs) with the mandate to attract FDI. This report outlines key implementation issues and serves as a practical policy guide for IPAs across the region to enhance their capability to attract and retain FDI.

How to Identify Target Sectors for Inward Investment? PDF

fDi Intelligence Released February 01, 2018

This Special Report publishes for the first time our research into how Economic Development Organizations (EDOs) and Investment Promotion Agencies (IPAs) can develop a sector strategy to attract inward investment.

Guidelines for Developing an Investment Promotion Strategy PDF

fDi Intelligence Released August 17, 2017

The prime function of an investment promotion agency (IPA) is to develop and implement an effective investment promotion strategy (IPS) for a given country or region. This also applies to the inward investment function of broader economic development organizations (EDOs). This report helps IPAs develop a successful Investment Promotion Strategy.

Guidelines for Handling Investor Enquiries PDF

fDi Intelligence Released August 01, 2017

Attracting foreign direct investment (FDI) and creating linkages with foreign investors not only provide new capital investment and job creation, but are critical to access global trading and innovation systems. This report will enable IPAs to better handle investor enquires.

Indonesia Sector Brochure PDF

fDi Intelligence Released February 17, 2017

An analysis of Indonesia's most favourable sectors for foreign investment in the country. The report focuses on many sectors such as Air Transportation and Chemicals.

Comparison of Official and EDO/IPA FDI Accounting Methods PDF

fDi Intelligence Released January 01, 2016

Most EDOs and IPAs track and measure FDI based on the activities of multinational enterprises in their local economy not on the official OECD/IMF definition of cross-border FDI flows. There is limited comparison that can be made between the FDI results of an EDO or IPA and official FDI statistics; they measure different metrics for different purposes

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