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fDi Markets tracks crossborder investment in a new physical project or expansion of an existing investment which creates new jobs and capital investment. Joint ventures are only included where they lead to a new physical operation. Mergers & acquisitions (M&A) and other equity investments are not tracked. There is no minimum size for a project to be included.

You can purchase data and reports online, click here to search for available reports.

Alternatively, if you require more in-depth analysis or regular access to continuous data please contact us to discuss the options.

Data goes through a rigorous quality control process, before being published at the end of each month to Trends Analysis and reporting tools.

fDi Insights tracks information on capital investment and direct jobs associated with an FDI project.

As companies do not always release information on investment amount or job creation, a proprietary econometric model estimates the jobs and investment where the actual value is not known.

Each project tracked by fDi Insights is classified according to its cluster, sector, sub-sector and business activity, based on a proprietary industry classification system.


Our summary reports are available in Microsoft Word, reports containing raw data or pivot table files are available in Microsoft Excel. We offer a range of report formats for bespoke report requests.

Yes, we offer customised and bespoke reports. Please submit a request and we will get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Our business is FDI. You can find regular news and industry coverage on our fDi Intelligence website or check out our Publications hub for exclusively released special reports and white papers.


Please contact fDi@ft.com or +44 (0) 20 7775 6526

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Empowering research, investors and bodies attracting FDI worldwide

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We serve data to a wide range of audiences, including education.

We serve data to a wide range of audiences, including education.

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Experts in FDI since 2001

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